Friday, April 1, 2011

Citizens Under Attack

Everything Obama, Geithner, & Bernanke do, they do for The Banksters. 

Many people have lost their homes. Many more are paying inflated rates on inflated properties which the banks refuse to refinance. 
Savers are getting lousy rates on CDs, but are charged 10%-24% on credit cards. 

From the top of the credit menuboard to the bottom, The Banksters have Carte Blanche to suck as much blood out of the middle class as they possibly can. 

It’s a criminal plan, that TARP was paid for by The Taxpayers to save the banks from extinction only to be revived and viciously attack the hands that feed them. 
Henry Paulson should be charged with Treason for using The Taxpayers' Money to re-arm The Banks of Mass Destruction. 

 Everybody is a victim, even the homeowner without a mortgage, his equity is dropping in its entirety; he's losing more than the guy with a mortgage. 
Condos sit empty because banks don’t want to pay association’s maintenance fees, while those fees rise for the rest of unit-owners to make up the shortfall. 

The Banking Cartel is waging a war against every American Citizen, and it won’t be happy until every savings account is drained, every homeowner is broke & evicted, every credit card holder is "paying" 24.9% + $88/ mo. in overlimit and late fees, and every house is in their possession. 

Even the foreclosure process is financially draining for the owner, with insurance and electric payments continuing until property is taken out of owners’ name, an average of 2-3 years. (Upon repossession, the bank doesn't book the loss until resale, artificially covering-up insolvency issues). 

Wake up people! 
Its not Us against Each Other, its Us vs. The Banksters , who run their operations with impunity.

 Further details of TARP's covert mandate may be found in Neil Barofsky's piece,
"Where the Bailout Went Wrong"

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