Saturday, November 21, 2009

Art's Cocktail Napkin: Newsletter

A NEW Service of SwingForce Ultra is "Art's Cocktail Napkin: Newsletter", it is based on Elliott Wave Analysis pioneered by Ralph N. Elliott and perfected with marinated ice cubes and olives. I guess I need to wite alot of words here so that the chart gets pushed down beyond those sponsored links to the right. The last time I posted here, right side of the chart got cut off. That's the most current and pertinent part of the whole message! Well, I'm doing my best to add words here, I hope I'm not losing your interest however, let's see how it works.

Please view the first issue: LINK To FULL CHART

"Art's Cocktail Napkin" 11/21/09
Stocks, Bonds, U.S. Dollar Index, Precious Metals and Special Opportunities
Updated Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except U.S. Holidays)
Notice that Wave 4 circle has come up into the previous wave 4 territory?
It even has 5 subdivisions in the C leg.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I heard Robert Prechter on CNBC today, (Fast Money with Rick Santelli) and he's calling for a big pullback through 2010. At least as big as the 2008 dive that ended this past March. He mentioned many technical reasons, and pulled out a chart of the DJIA and Gold. He is also bullish on the dollar. They seemed to run short on time, but he seemed like he had much more to say on the matter. I wonder if he has heard about Art's Cocktail Napkin?

  2. This feels kind of like March when there was no end in sight, but the direction did not make sense anymore.